Seekurity SIEM
Security Information and Event Management
After collecting data centrally from the infrastructure, large data analysis can be used to detect hidden threats.
Intelligent Integrated Security Solution

Algorithm-based threat analysis method

Identify invisible threat information

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    Log/Network Collection

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    Big data storage

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    Analyze threat information

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Seekurity SIEM Configuration

Internet boundary section, internal network, system, EndPoint, etc.

Integrated automation-based control based on integrated infrastructure system.

Features of using MDR based SIEM (Managed Detection and Response SIEM)

MDR based SIEM


From Human-based passive control

To System-based Automatic Control


From numerous event control

From numerous event control

Machine learning

Based on the major events

Based on the major events

Seekurity SIEM expected effect

Robust automation-based integrated security environment configuration and TCO reduction with clear purpose

(SIEM, Threat DB, Vulnerability Scanner, NVD DB, SPAN traffic collection)

Seekurity SIEM brochure

Seekers brochures are available for download.

Security Information

and Event Management

Seecurity SIEM

Seekers can fully protect your customers' core assets from a variety of security threats with intelligent information and automation-based secure content and products.

  • Overview

    Provides solutions that can effectively respond to various security threats

  • - Resolve new threats using analysis algorithms

  • - Collecting various security data such as network data and client data

  • - Global threat situation information collection and analysis

  • Main Function

  • Integrated Dashboard

    Seekuruty SIEM's integrated dashboards are intuitive and easy to use, so anyone can easily identify threats and find detailed countermeasures. It is also designed to create the dashboard environment you want, so you can create a custom dashboard for at least your work.

  • Real-time high-volume data processing

    You can collect and process large amounts of data in real time.

  • Network packet forensic

    Increased throughput and speed compared to traditional similar packet capture technology by improving network packet collection capabilities. Utilizes network packet information to identify threats that can not be found in the event log.

  • Detecting security threats using optimized analysis techniques

    Unlike existing security solutions that analyze based on scenarios, Seekurity SIEM uses optimized analysis techniques to apply differentiated threat analysis and detection techniques. This analytical technique finds invisible continuous attacks such as APT(Advanced Persistent Threat) attacks as well as threats not found by traditional security solutions.

  • Following the compliance

    SIEM supports such functions like data forgery·modulation and integrity protection for technical protective action. It also supports life-cycle management and weak point detection functions for following the Information and Communication Infrastructure Protection Act.

  • Generate periodic reports

    Automatically generate and send reports on the information customers want to manage on a regular basis.

SIEM introduction benefit
  • Security enhancement

    SIEM enhances of security level with detecting invisible threats and presenting solution plans with blocking-based security solution.

  • Management points reduction

    SIEM Increases convenience by unification of management points which analyzed by various security solutions.

  • Following the compliance

    Following the Personal Information Protection Act and the Information and Communication Infrastructure Protection Act

  • Easy maintenance

    Maintenance of customer's security environment through own technical support team and operating maintenance team

  • Automation and additional functions

    Providing various convenient functions such as management system auto-control, auto-sending SNS/email, countermeasure for detected threats and etc.

Main analysis algorithm
  • Generate periodic reports

    We developed the time-based security threat analysis technique the first in the world and apply it to Seekurity SIEM. The time-based security threat analysis technique raises detection probability of threats and newly detected pernicious threats that existing security solution cannot detect through time-based arrangement and analysis for data collected from infra for a long period.

  • Big data-based analysis algorithm

    Seekurity SIEM is able to detect various threat information by community analysis, similarity analysis which are grafted data mining as well as basic security threat detection technique such as scenario analysis, threshold analysis and action analysis which are using in UTM, ESM, TMS and IPS.

Product structure

- Big data-based data storage

- Data collection from network, client and etc.

- Using Scale-Out structure for flexibility of system extension.